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I'm honored by your interest in the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure!

It saddens me that even in the present day, there are those women who criticize their sisters for wanting to maintain a youthful, healthy body.

The phrase I often hear is "I'm just going to age 'gracefully.'"

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Who would decide not to maintain their house, not paint it, not do everything possible to keep it in good repair and looking new...and brag to their neighbor, "I'm just letting my house age gracefully" ?!

Yet, even now we have those women who, because of guilt, hesitate to do anything to revive their health or a more youthful appearance .

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For reviving a youthful appearance, what's more beautiful or age defining than a woman's breasts? In an effort to create a way that's safe and easy for a woman to revive the youth and beauty of her breasts with zero down time and minimal if any bruising or pain, I created the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure. Though we need much more research to be able to say this with certainty, there is some strong biochemical reasons why using platelet derived growth factors in the breast may actually help protect the breast against breast cancer!  Of course, having the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure does not completely rule out the possibility of course (I only wish we already had a 100% effective cancer vaccine), but there is evidence that the affect of the blood-derived growth factors on the breast would be to decrease the chances of breast cancer.

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I'd be honored to send more information about the science behind the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure, how the procedure may help protect the breast, and send updated research as it come available.  I'll also send a copy of my book about the Vampire Facelift® procedure.

We have a strong and growing group of providers (the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association), which has published medical papers and has more in the works for finding the best uses cell biology to affect better health, sexual function, and youthful-natural beauty.

I welcome you to call my cell phone (251-648-7704) and for us to personally discuss our group and this procedure (the Vampire Breast Lift®).  As a first step, providing the following information would allow me to mail to you the book (the paperback one that you hold in your hand) and the research bibliography.


Charles Runels, MD
Inventor/Designer of the Vampire Breast Lift®, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, O-Shot®, & Priapus Shot® procedures.

P.S.  Here's research we published about using the same blood-derived growth factors to help heal sexual dysfunction in women.  This group is not for everyone.  If you don't get angry about the fact that men have over twenty FDA approved drugs to help with sexual dysfunction and women have only one --and that one drug for women is a psych drug (modulator of seratonin/dompamine), if you don't get angry that some women do not care for their body --not even go for a walk--because they feel so obligated to put their family first (forgetting that they can't take care of their family if they don't care for their precious self)--if you are not willing to embrace new research until every other doctor on the planet is applying the new science, then please do NOT fill out the following form.  But, if you love your Sister and Mother and Daughter and know that every woman is a Sister or Mother or Daughter--and you will walk across nails with your bare feet to relieve their pain & you are a licensed physician (or nurse practitioner or physician's assistant)  & you take care of women on a daily basis, then I invite you to apply to join our Vampire Breast Lift® provider group by providing the following information:

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  1. Estimated Dr Charles R. Do you have any professional in Argentina to consult over you treatment. My cuestion is because maybe I can assist to formation in my country. If this isn’t possible I should think in travel for your location
    Best Regards

  2. Hello Sir,
    I’m a GP doctor who has recently started working in Aesthetic Medicine. I came across the ‘breast boost’ on a Netflix series and I’m interested in learning more about it.
    Unfortunately I’m located in Dubai, UAE, and can’t travel to you currently due to covid restrictions.
    Can you please let me know some more information about the procedure?

    Kind Regards

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