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25 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. leesha Says:

    Will this procedure come to Australia? Or is it already on the way?

  2. Charles Says:

    Yes. there is a provider there and more have been trained and will be posted soon. Here’s here to go to see them or providers in other countries.

    Doctors interested in applying to become a member of our provider group can apply here–>>click

  3. Charles Runels, MD Says:

    Here’s where to find the closest provider (just click on the country) –>> Provider Director

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Hello. I was wondering the price of this procedure and how old you have to be and how old is too old? Thanks in advance.

  5. Emmy Says:

    What is the down time for the vampire facelift?
    How much does it cost ?
    How long will it last?
    Where else in the body can this be done? Arms? Hands?

  6. Amy Brenner MD Says:

    Emmy- One of the main advantages to having the Vampire FaceLift (or Vampire Breastlift or O- Shot) is that there is not any downtime or postprocedure restrictions. Patients can return to work, exercising or any other activity immediately after the procedure. Cost varies around the country – but the VampireFacelift costs approximately $1500-2000. It’s difficult to answer the question about how long an aesthetic procedure lasts as we are not frozen in time and we all are aging on a daily basis. Having said that, with these Vampire procedures, the PRP induces new tissue and blood vessel growth that is permanent. Many patients desire retreatment after 12-18 months.

  7. Charles Runels Says:

    medial Daily talks about the procedure

  8. Ani Says:

    If I am a B cup, will the procedure help me achieve a C or D cup size? I don’t think I have the other qualifications, I was just looking for size enhancement. Thanks.

  9. Charles Says:

    This procedure has been known to increase cup size, but it’s more common that breast cup size stays the same but the shape becomes more youthful and full and the skin color/texture appears much younger.

  10. Monica Says:

    I am interested in the vampire breast lift. I am having a hard time finding out the estimated cost. Does anyone know? Thanks!!

  11. Charles Says:

    Depending on the city, the cost will be from $1,800 and up (some have a much higher cost of living (more rent, insurance, employee salaries, etc)

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Iam finding it difficult to locate current pictures of before and afters for the Vampire Breast Lift. I have contacted my local provider here in MN but they do not have any. I searched the web for a few weeks now but no real results. I believe in the science of this but pictures provide proof. Also are there any new providers in Minnesota other than the 2 listed?
    Thank you.

  13. Charles Says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    It’s odd how the ethics of medicine change with time. Not so long ago, the American Medical Association considered it unethical to show before & afters because (since we know that some people get amazing results with any procedure and some don’t) posting any before & after is like making promises you may not be able to keep with all people.

    Also, since before & afters show what some consider nudity (our ads were banned from Facebook even without the nudity…just the cleavage), we prefer to be more discrete. We did, however, post a video here that shows a variety of typical results (click).

    Very best of luck and thank you very much for your interest.

  14. Lee Says:

    What are the effects on severe ptosis caused by major weight loss?

  15. Charles Says:

    For severe ptosis after major weight loss, either fat transfer or implants will be needed.

  16. Jasmine Says:

    I breastfed for 9 months and a year and a half afterwards I have a lot of crinkling on the top and sides of my breasts. The top part is very flat and the bottom still has round fat. I wear a 32DDD but there is a gap in the top of the bra. If I go to a smaller cup size my breast crinkles more and instead of having the “muffin top” look my skin just folds over the edge. I am lean and fit, but I miss the plumpness I had before my son.

  17. Charles Says:

    Of course to be sure, one of our providers should speak with you to find out more and examine you, but it sounds like you’re the perfect candidate for the procedure!

    Not everyone who thinks they are making PRP is actually making PRP or understands our methods. So, be sure to see someone in our group where they should be using a kit that’s approved to prepare PRP to go back into the body (keeps it sterile and actually isolates the factors that stimulate healthy growth).

    Ask to see the name on the lab equipment when they do the procedure (and then just google the name when you get home). If you see one of our providers and you can’t find the name of their kit online then please send an email or call us to let us know.

    Also, you may want to have them inject under the areola. Sometimes when women breast feed their children, they think they recovered full sensation, but then after we use the Vampire Breast Lift® procedure to restore function, they find pleasurable sensations there like nothing they’ve ever known before!

    Here’s where our certified providers are listed.

  18. Juan Pablo Says:

    Just want to know were can i get one of those treatments please.

    I have a terrible issue on the compux´semit of the skin, in the face

    Thanks a lot for a quick reply.

    Just, please adress to me how to get one and were…

  19. Carolyn Says:

    I would like to comment on the benefits I have seen in my breasts following the Vampire Breast Lift. I had the procedure done in November and had immediate fullness and increased sensitivity. I was informed that this may decrease a bit but at the three month point when my body has grown permanent new tissue I would once again feel the improvement. Well! Well yes I have! Now at the three month mark my cleavage is fuller and the over all fullness has increased. I am thrilled with the results! I feel like these Vampire procedures are gifts that just keep giving!! They keep getting better as time goes by!! I wish we could arrest aging all together! At least I can get the procedure again in a year or so if I think Gravity has taken its toll!!

  20. Dawn Says:

    I am interested in the Vampire Breast Lift. I don’t see any providers in Maryland. Will this procedure be coming to Maryland soon?

  21. Charles Says:

    Hope so! Here’s the location of the providers available now.

  22. anne Says:

    How long do the effects of the procedure last? Is it meant to be repeated regularly to maintain the effects?

  23. Charles Says:

    This excellent video answers that question and more.

  24. Val P Says:

    I had a vampire breast lift 2 weeks ago but there is absolutely no difference at all of the shape of my breasts. I expect SOME results. When will I see results? And what if I don’t get ANY result? Will I be entitled to a refund? Or will I have the right to do the procedure again? When am I to expect some volume on my breast?

  25. Charles Says:

    Odd. Was it from one of our providers? Did they use at least 30 ml of PRP?

    Here’s the list of certified providers…
    Click< --

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