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"Who Else Wants to Restore the Adventure in Medicine, Change Lives for the Better, & Increase Profits So Much That It's Easy to Take Time Off and BREATHE?"

And Then Use That Extra Time To Do Charity Work, Write Your Book, and Spend Time with Family...Without Worrying if
"OBAMA Care" Will Pay Your Bills!

June 12-14, 2014. Fairhope, AL

From: Charles Runels, MD

I remember 11 years ago, when I sat down, did the math, and realized that there would be no way for me to support my sons as a physician AND actually have time to be with my sons if I continued to rely on insurance to pay my bills.

At that time, my sons were 6, 8, & 10 years old and lived with me 6 nights a week. As a single father of 3 sons, I felt dejected that the career I had chosen to support my sons (general internist) would not allow me to be home to guide my sons.

So, I looked at the numbers and decided to learn how to use the internet to find people who need the services I offer and who can afford to pay me the real value--in cash.  

First, I wrote my "kiss-off" letters to the insurance carriers (Remember Cortez?  I burned the boats so there could be no retreat).

Then I started going to marketing classes, internet workshops, and reading everything I could find on business models.  I searched for every way that non-medical businesses use to connect to people and then take excellent care of the people who come (while generating immediate cash flow).  I determined to modify the most powerful of those methods to fit a medical practice.

Sure, I continued to do charity work; but I wanted to decide when to do the free work instead of sending bills to insurance carriers and wondering which bills they would pay and how many months they would take before sending the cash (Odd isn't it?  If you're late paying the electric bill--they turn off your lights; but, if you're late jumping through the insurance hoops, they no longer have to pay you at all!).

I remember (after burning the boats) awakening...alone in the middle of the night...with those 3 little boys sleeping in the adjoining room, and thinking, "What am I doing?!  No insurance?!!  Can I really take care of my family this way?"

And I would get out of bed in a cold sweat and walk into the next room to sit at my computer to study and write.

My income dropped to almost nothing and we moved into a tiny house across from the elementary school.  My goal was to every month double my almost zero income.  Up until then, I was the doctor who was embarrassed to ask for a co-pay.

Fast forward...

Within one year, my income grew to twice and then 3 times what it was in my insurance-based practice--and I was taking better care of patients!

Now, 11 years later, I've "spent" well over $500,000 on my internet-marketing-business education (continue to spend $3,000-$5,000 per month on software and marketing classes) and have taken several trademarks to a world wide level...all orchestrated from my lap top in a little town in southern Alabama with 3 red lights on the main street. (I put "spent" in quotation marks because I made back that money many times over).

Teaching introductory workshops over the past 3 years, I watched doctors use my methods to change their lives over and over and over--hundreds of doctors (while doing more meaningful work for the patients who visit them).  

I Revealed Only the Surface...Until Now!

With only one day allotted to marketing at my previous workshops (where I also teach medical procedures), I can only introduce important marketing/business topics. But, even with only this introductory material, doctors and nurse practitioners went home and changed their lives. 

But, now (because many physicians and sales reps who attended my intro classes have asked), I'm ready to demonstrate three levels deeper than I've revealed in any other course. 

But, instead of making this "work"...we're going to play an intense Game..


"Hunger Games for Doctors"

June 12-14

  • Are you hungry for more time with your family?
  • Do you, every day, watch hundreds (or thousands) of people drive by your office, people who would benefit greatly by your knowledge and skills, yet they keep driving right past your office--not  knowing what you can offer?
  • Are you hungry to connect with these people--to help them with the most valuable products and services that you're able to offer?  Are you hungry to spend less time asking for money or filling out insurance forms and more time actually taking care of people who need your knowledge and skills?
  • Would you be willing to spend most of 3 days using game theory to restructure the way you communicate with patients if you knew when you went back to your office that you'd be doing more of what people need from you?
  • Would you come play games for 3 days if you knew that those games would boost your income by 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars over the next year?
  • Would you come play games for 3 days if you knew that you would go back home and see more lives changed for the better, see your knowledge base of medicine expand in more meaningful ways, and see more people recognize your unique and growing level of expertise---and then pay you well to access your services?

If such games sound interesting to you, please consider the following agenda and consider joining me and a few other premier providers for a life changing (yours and the people who need you) 3 days of "games"...


Hunger Games for Doctors
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YES! I want to be change my life & the lives of my patients.

  • I understand I will be billed $4,987 today to reserve my seat at the Hunger Games for Doctors event.
  • I understand this event will be at Dr. Runels office at 52 South Section St., Suite A, Fairhope, Alabama on June 12-14, 2014
  • I understand that I am responsible for my own hotel accommodations & travel arrangements to and from the event (click here for travel details)

P.S. If you have questions, please call my personal cell (251-648-7704) or send an e-mail to

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